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Nearshoring Solutions

A convenient alternative to traditional offshoring, nearshoring is an ideal solution for organizations that want cost-effective services from a provider in a similar time zone. Resolvit’s Argentina-based Nearshoring Solutions allow you to easily track and coordinate the status of projects, ensuring fast delivery and high-quality results.

Customers who engage with Resolvit’s Argentina-based services gain many advantages. You can reduce your technology expenditures (vs. in-house labor) while freeing up internal resources to work on higher-level initiatives. Because Buenos Aires is a leading business hub in South America, you’ll have access to a robust talent pool with a high retention rate (90+%) and strong English language skills. Additionally, you’ll be working with a premier team that achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification based on the quality management of their software and systems engineering services.

We can help you:

  • Build, migrate, or modernize your app from start to finish
  • Provide comprehensive app care, including administration, incident and event management, and other services
  • Defend your infrastructure through 24/7 support and monitoring
  • Conduct manual or automated testing for data, software, and systems