Gearing Up for Big Things in 2017 at the Resolvit Sales Kickoff

Last week, our entire sales force gathered at the Omni Hotel in Richmond, VA, for the Resolvit Sales Kickoff, an intensive four-day training and team-building event. All of the Resolvit sales offices—Washington, D.C., Raleigh, Cincinnati, and Silicon Valley, as well as our National Team—came together to discuss strategies and opportunities for the year ahead.

Resolvit Sales Kickoff Mark Scofield leads trainingDays one and two were focused on training new account managers in Resolvit’s robust recruiting process. These sessions were led by former Recruiting Manager (now Account Manager) Niccole Brege. Highlights included a role-playing exercise with CEO Mark Scofield. In a star turn, he portrayed a major customer determined to put our account managers through their paces! Attendees also had the chance to bond through targeted team-building exercises and some not-so-targeted after-hours karaoke.

Friday began with Business Services Senior Manager Jennifer Londre leading a lively discussion of the unique role business services managers (BSMs) play in bridging our consultants and customers. Our new account managers were impressed by the BSM team’s expertise and support, and were able to reflect on how the strengths of the Recruiting and BSM teams could inform their personal sales approaches moving forward. By Friday afternoon, all of our account managers had descended on the hotel. Mark Scofield gave a spirited overview of Resolvit’s sales strategy for the months ahead. Afterward, each of the members of our key leadership team provided a rundown of their departments, in ways that they support the sales force, and their goals for the year.

Resolvit Sales Kickoff Craig Scates leads trainingOn Saturday, the Solutions and Services Delivery (SSD) Team conducted a day of sales and technical training centered around four key solutions: IoT Enablement, Data Realization, Mobility, and Technical Content. At the end of each session, attendees took Kahoot quizzes to see how much they remembered—the competition was fierce! They also had the chance to share stories about past and ongoing successes while brainstorming ways to better deliver for our customers.

All in all, the Resolvit Sales Kickoff was a great success. We’re looking forward to even better teamwork, collaboration, and “can-do” attitudes from our sales force in the months ahead!

“The project resource that you are providing has made significant contributions and has become an extremely valuable member of the team.”

“We’ve been very happy with our resources and the level of support that Resolvit provides.”

“I have been partnering with Resolvit for three years now and they have always met or exceeded my expectations. The developers we have on board have done an outstanding job over the last year. In support of our 2016 IT goals, they have been involved with major EDW projects, client data transfers, and support activities.”



“The Resolvit members are part of our team. They function like our people and offer ideas and solutions while taking on more responsibilities every day.”

“I’ve had a great experience with Resolvit so far. Our resources are great and the account managers that we’ve worked with are very attentive to make sure we’ve got everything covered!”

“I am very impressed with the level of service I’m getting from Resolvit.”


“When we were looking for an offshore resource, Resolvit came through with flying colors.”


“Resolvit does a solid job keeping in contact with us and listening to our needs. They then provide feedback on needed actions or offer recommendations.”


“The team at Resolvit has ensured that communication is open and candid between us. We have appreciated the conversations regarding various technologies and possible options for personnel. Resolvit obviously believes in building a relationship with their clients and not just simply doing business.”

“Resolvit has been a great partner and it’s clear to us that the folks we work with are dedicated, highly professional, and produce great work. We value the relationship with Resolvit and look forward to our continued partnership.”