Putting Your Technology Into Words

Technical ContentAdvancing the technical side of your business is hard enough. But no matter how far you get, there’s always a need for clear, well-organized documentation and training materials. Without the right technical content, knowledge of core technologies and business processes can be lost when systems change or key employees move on. New customers or personnel have a harder time understanding what you do, and problems that were simple to figure out instead become giant roadblocks.

That’s where we come in. We provide targeted solutions in the areas of technical writing, instructional design, and knowledge base management. Technical Content solutions from Resolvit help you educate your workforce, guide your customers, enhance productivity, and offer consistent user experiences.

Technical Writing

Our technical writers analyze and document applications, products, processes, and workflows to ensure the quality and consistency of content. With the information they’ve gathered, they write, review, and edit documents, producing comprehensive technical documentation to fit your needs. This can include user manuals, PowerPoint presentations, reference materials, user stories, videos, and more.

Instructional Design

Our instructional designers produce eLearning courses and modules, training sessions (in-person, remote, recorded, or a hybrid), instructor guides, workbooks, and other materials. We can conduct needs assessments to understand your current gaps, design course architecture to fill them, and produce toolkits for post-course assessments. The results: custom instructor-led training, on-demand eLearning solutions, and improvements to existing resources.

Tools and methodologies we can use include:

Adobe Creative Suite ● DITA ● FrameMaker ● Captivate ● Camtasia ● SharePoint ● UX Best Practices

Knowledge Base Management

Successful organizations need a single location where internal or external documents are stored, organized, and made available to the appropriate users. Whether you’re keeping these materials in a single digital location or piles of old folders, we can build a modern centralized knowledge base for you. This process can include content auditing and organization, copyediting, graphic/template design, and ongoing training and support.

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