The Path to IoT Success Starts Here

Iot EnablementThe Internet of Things (IoT) can radically transform your business. When done right, IoT tools and applications provide fresh insights into your products, processes, and services. This allows you to continuously enhance your offerings while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. You can also improve operations, develop measurable ROIs, differentiate your brand(s), and enact data-driven intelligence on any device. But without the right approach to IoT Enablement, you could be headed down the wrong path—costing yourself time, money, and opportunities in the process.

Resolvit is a GE Digital Alliance Partner and has wide-ranging experience with numerous IoT tools, technologies, and platforms. Working with us is a sure first step toward IoT success.

IoT Strategy/Roadmapping

Our consultants can conduct a baseline assessment of your current technologies, business objectives, and future needs. Working with stakeholders in your organization, we analyze your operations and technologies to craft and deliver customized product roadmaps, business cases, and recommendations for high-level architecture.

IoT Platform Integration

First, we survey the current state abilities of your site infrastructure. Then, we chart these against a platform analysis and capabilities matrix. From there, we work with you to select and implement sensors, customize nodes and gateways, implement cloud architecture, create analytics and reporting, and more—all in a way that suits your specific objectives.

We can successfully integrate on a variety of platforms, including:

Predix ● ThingWorx ● M2X ● FacilityConnect ● Watson IoT ● Jasper ● DGLogik

IoT Application Development

We guide you through the entire life cycle of building and deploying strategic IoT applications—internal- or external-facing. This includes business analysis, project management, UI/UX design, software development, QA & testing, and ongoing application support. We can:

  • Develop and test new applications using a focused, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) approach (two-week sprints, bi-weekly demos, velocity measuring and tracking)
  • Quickly deploy PODs (teams) on site, from a Resolvit Solution Center, and/or as nearshore resources based in our Argentina office
  • Provide ongoing DevOps, application support, and product life cycle management

Our IoT Enablement experts can lead you down the right path. Contact us to start the conversation.