Make Your Data Do More

Data RealizationThe problem of “not enough information” is largely a problem of the past, at least when it comes to raw computing data. These days, your teams are more likely to struggle with too much data—often several different types, coming from all sorts of places. Harnessing these vast amounts of data can help you enhance efficiency, improve products and processes, and make better decisions more quickly. But all data is not created equal. That’s where Data Realization comes in.

With Data Realization from Resolvit, you can:

  • Acquire, clean, maintain, standardize data
  • Enable access to data across your organization
  • Revamp your data and data-dependent processes
  • Cost-effectively store large amounts of data
  • Immediately analyze new information to gauge company and customer needs

Big Data Architecture

We can help you implement programs for storing, accessing, and managing all the Big Data coming into and through your organization. Our experience with a wide range of data sources and tools cuts across industries and is further bolstered by our partnerships with industry leaders as well as our knowledge of Big Data’s technical and business implications.

Analytics & Visualization

Large amounts of data can be hard for business users to work with. With the right tools and techniques, our analytics and visualization experts can place your data into a visual context, unearthing previously hidden patterns, trends, and correlations. With better information coming to the surface, masses of data are transformed into usable insights that drive better decisions.

We can deploy a wide range of  analytics and visualization tools, including:

Tableau ● SAS VA ● QlikView by Qlik ● SpotFire by Tibco ● Omniscope by Visokio

Data Governance

Data governance is the set of procedures and protocols by which your organization manages the availability, usability, integrity, quality, and security of your data. Resolvit can help you create a data governance program with a defined set of procedures, as well as a plan to execute those procedures and a governance structure to ensure consistency and continued success down the road.

We can help you get the most out of your data. Contact us to start the conversation.