How Agile POD Teams Can Work For You

Agile PodThe most successful development project teams not only have the right skill sets, but are cohesive, flexible, and adept at problem solving. This can be hard to achieve when a team is hired one-by-one, or cobbled together from specialists in far-flung departments. Resolvit offers another approach – customized Agile POD teams built from the ground-up.

Agile POD teams are tight-knit groups of consultants (typically four to 10) with complementary skill sets and experience levels, assembled to fit your organization’s structure, resources, and project needs.

Because PODs are built all at once rather than piece by piece, their members quickly develop team norms while growing attuned to each other’s strengths and work patterns. For a multinational corporation’s IoT platform development projects, Resolvit deployed two PODs, each with a team lead, two front end developers, two back end developers, a data engineer, a DevOps security specialist, a QA engineer, and a solutions architect. By having a self-contained development team that moves from project to project, instead of creating and disbanding teams over and over, Resolvit’s client enjoys highly efficient development with minimal training.

The PODs team delivery system results in faster project delivery, fewer bugs or errors, and less oversight for your leadership. These benefits are further bolstered by Resolvit’s “whole team” approach to service delivery, which enables seamless integration between our consultants and your team.

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“The project resource that you are providing has made significant contributions and has become an extremely valuable member of the team.”

“We’ve been very happy with our resources and the level of support that Resolvit provides.”

“I have been partnering with Resolvit for three years now and they have always met or exceeded my expectations. The developers we have on board have done an outstanding job over the last year. In support of our 2016 IT goals, they have been involved with major EDW projects, client data transfers, and support activities.”



“The Resolvit members are part of our team. They function like our people and offer ideas and solutions while taking on more responsibilities every day.”

“I’ve had a great experience with Resolvit so far. Our resources are great and the account managers that we’ve worked with are very attentive to make sure we’ve got everything covered!”

“I am very impressed with the level of service I’m getting from Resolvit.”


“When we were looking for an offshore resource, Resolvit came through with flying colors.”


“Resolvit does a solid job keeping in contact with us and listening to our needs. They then provide feedback on needed actions or offer recommendations.”


“The team at Resolvit has ensured that communication is open and candid between us. We have appreciated the conversations regarding various technologies and possible options for personnel. Resolvit obviously believes in building a relationship with their clients and not just simply doing business.”

“Resolvit has been a great partner and it’s clear to us that the folks we work with are dedicated, highly professional, and produce great work. We value the relationship with Resolvit and look forward to our continued partnership.”