Consultant Profile: Darren Deslatte

Darren DeslatteIn talking to Resolvit Principal Consultant Darren Deslatte about his work, the thing that comes across most clearly is his passion—not only for the duties of his job, but also his role as a problem solver and critical resource within a large organization.

As a Senior Vulnerability Management Engineer, Darren leads a team of three Resolvit consultants providing dedicated service to a major financial services customer. Darren’s team reviews, ingests, and analyzes vulnerability data from the company’s Windows servers to deliver weekly reports on current vulnerabilities. They also provide patching and other routine support, and are proactive in architecting, building, and implementing solutions.

Darren got his start while enrolled at LSU, as a student worker in the campus IT department. He began as a helpdesk technician, then later transitioned to field and lab support. He found similar work after graduation, eventually becoming a systems administrator for a prominent law firm. During this time, he developed a deep interest in cybersecurity and vulnerability management. “I was keeping up with the latest technologies,” he says, “even if they weren’t what I was doing day to day. I just always found it really interesting.” When Resolvit presented him with an opportunity to fully dedicate himself to the field, he jumped at the chance.

“In my previous jobs, I was expected to be more of a ‘jack of all trades’ and cover several areas. To be able to focus on what I’m passionate about, and feel like I’m able to do it extensively well, has been really nice.” Darren appreciates the latitude he’s given to lead and make decisions for his team. “Resolvit recognizes expertise and talent, and lets you run with it.”

Darren is a movie buff, avid home cook, and dedicated LSU fan. He’s also the recent father of a ten-month-old daughter. Working as a Resolvit consultant offers flexibility, which has been important to achieving work-life balance. “I’m able to work from home the majority of the time. So when I’m taking a break or having lunch, it means I’m able to spend time with my daughter that I wouldn’t get if I were on site every day. That’s pretty rare, and special. It’s another reason why I enjoy my job so much.”

“The project resource that you are providing has made significant contributions and has become an extremely valuable member of the team.”

“We’ve been very happy with our resources and the level of support that Resolvit provides.”

“I have been partnering with Resolvit for three years now and they have always met or exceeded my expectations. The developers we have on board have done an outstanding job over the last year. In support of our 2016 IT goals, they have been involved with major EDW projects, client data transfers, and support activities.”



“The Resolvit members are part of our team. They function like our people and offer ideas and solutions while taking on more responsibilities every day.”

“I’ve had a great experience with Resolvit so far. Our resources are great and the account managers that we’ve worked with are very attentive to make sure we’ve got everything covered!”

“I am very impressed with the level of service I’m getting from Resolvit.”


“When we were looking for an offshore resource, Resolvit came through with flying colors.”


“Resolvit does a solid job keeping in contact with us and listening to our needs. They then provide feedback on needed actions or offer recommendations.”


“The team at Resolvit has ensured that communication is open and candid between us. We have appreciated the conversations regarding various technologies and possible options for personnel. Resolvit obviously believes in building a relationship with their clients and not just simply doing business.”

“Resolvit has been a great partner and it’s clear to us that the folks we work with are dedicated, highly professional, and produce great work. We value the relationship with Resolvit and look forward to our continued partnership.”