How We Engage

Resolvit service delivery modelMany consulting groups operate from rigid business models. For nearly every aspect of project or service delivery, they set terms all customers must agree to. This can include everything from selecting consultants (or choosing where they work) to decisions about technology and billing. If you don’t like their terms, you’re out of luck.

We don’t operate that way. We believe in working with you to set mutual expectations for project engagement and performance. This ensures we meet your needs, first and foremost. Flexible, dependable, and client-focused, our service delivery program has proven successful time and again.

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We take into account both the priorities and realities of your organization. Our flexible engagement model allows us to “custom build” solutions based on the nature and scope of your project, as well as your goals, budget, funding and accounting protocols, available workspace, governance, and general preferences. Whatever you need—be it a single employee working on site, a team operating remotely, a nearshore-based managed service, etc.—we can assemble and deploy the appropriate resources.

Check out the short video (0:06) at the bottom of this page to see our options for engagement.


We recruit not only for technical skills, but for diligence as well. Our consultants truly “own” both their individual job duties and their roles as ambassadors to (and change agents within) your organization. Through proactive communication and attention to detail, they consistently hit targets and deliverables while exceeding expectations.


Our “whole team” approach facilitates success for all parties. Each client is assigned a Business Services Team consisting of an Account Manager, a Solutions Director, and a Business Services Manager. This team works closely with both you and your consultants to enable proper recruiting and training, continuous improvement, and process leadership. Accountability and high performance levels are maintained through checkpoints, formal reviews, and quarterly client surveys.

This short video shows factors we consider when crafting Statements of Work for our clients. The two examples highlighted are representative – we can build custom engagements using virtually any combination from the areas listed below.

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