GE Digital Alliance

GE Digital Alliance

Resolvit’s membership in the GE Digital Alliance program places us at the forefront of development on Predix, the cloud platform for the Industrial Internet. Predix connects human devices to industrial machines while delivering a highly functional user experience. This offers businesses and organizations the opportunity to save money in never-before-seen ways while also generating new streams of revenue.

As a GE Digital Alliance Partner, Resolvit is uniquely positioned to help customers take advantage of the many capabilities the Predix platform has to offer. We are currently deploying pod development teams to support GE Digital’s Predix development efforts across several industry sectors. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications we’ve supported include gas line monitoring, tank monitoring, vendor part tracking, and turbine maintenance.

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As an early implementer of IIoT solutions, we have singular knowledge of the challenges and promises of this technology. We can ensure the best value for our customers by offering several options for project engagement: on site, from a Resolvit Solution Center, through our nearshoring team, or a custom combination. This combination of expertise and flexibility ensures that your organization’s next big step into the Industrial Internet of Things is the right one.

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