Companies that value internal and external data protection need to incorporate a robust information security management system (ISMS), complete with a set of stringent controls…

Making a Business Case for ISO 27001 Certification

Companies that value internal and external data protection need to incorporate a robust information security management system (ISMS), complete with a set of stringent controls that provide clear guidelines for their information, network and computer-based assets. With that said, ISO 27001 is a prerequisite resource for companies that need a system to define the requirements for ISMSs, as well as the assessment and treatment of information security risks. Undergoing the ISO 27001 auditing process and becoming certified boosts information security management, optimizes security protocols, and assures quality control within an organization.

The Benefits of ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 certification grants several benefits to qualifying organizations including:

Legal Compliance – To ensure companies adhere to industry-specific legal requirements, federal or state audits and even data privacy laws, the ISO 27001 certification ensures the proper security controls and requirements are in place to mitigate risks while complying with legal regulations. The certification provides the necessary documentation, policies, procedures and routine assessments for compliance, while also ensuring the company’s ISMS and related protocols continually improve to protect both internal and external data transfer, access and collection processes.

Data Protection and Asset Security  The ISO 27001 certification process provides companies with a well-defined and continually assessed system to monitor security risks through technical controls outlined in the standard. These controls assist companies in better mapping out and gaining visibility into the dynamic process of how data moves through the network and what infrastructure (hardware or software) is involved in data capture, processing and transfer — while providing insight into accessibility and security used to align with stringent network protocols.

Take for an example corporate virtual private network (VPN) access without clearly defined security protocols. If an organization were to have an external VPN and allow anyone to use and join it, there is a real risk of outside tampering or hacking. Using both the controls found within the ISO standard and undergoing the ISO27001 audit process, the company can implement network-specific accessibility controls and prohibit access from unknown individuals. These controls can also help track unknown access attempts, which helps to better fortify the network against similar threats in the future.

Continual Process and Framework Improvement – Many companies tend to lack clearly defined, documented and assigned security processes by position. When staff leave, their technical knowledge of the system and their position most often goes with them, causing the company to restructure job-specific processes due to lack of documentation, all while looking to also source the individual’s replacement.

By documenting all departmental, staff and network processes, companies mitigate the risk of losing intellectual property and wasting time redefining critical company processes. There is also a possibility companies may find multiple individuals are doing the same job or expending the same effort on a business function thanks to a system that has not been clearly defined with specifically allocated responsibilities. Implementing the ISO 27001 preparations, along with achieving certification provides the means to streamline these processes and boost workforce productivity.

Information Security Hygiene & Optimization  ISO certification enables thorough assessments of security protocols that help optimize the ISMS and promotes information security hygiene for employees. There are often small, everyday mistakes that go under the radar that can add up and affect huge security assets. These include everyday mishaps like forgetting to lock the office door that houses critical client or employee data, leaving important papers or USBs on desks for anyone to take, or even leaving computers logged-in when stepping away. Improving or adding small, clearly defined data or network protection processes works to improve overall company security, while ensuring the privacy of your organization so it can run as smoothly, safely, and as cost effective as possible.

Preparing Your Team for the Process

The ISO 27001 standard provides a detailed framework with tangible benefits that can reshape an organization’s ISMS for the better. To start the certification process, an organization must make a detailed list of all staff involved in the certification audit. This collection of staff, known as the “working group” consists of individuals who are responsible for information technology, human resources, engineering, and other departments critical to the function of the ISMS. If the company head count is large enough, a physical security group may be needed as well. These individuals monitor the preparation process and ensure it is carried out efficiently through each department.

As far as who should be informed, senior management is at the top of the list. These individuals should have an understanding and detailed structure of staff assignments, duties, and documentation relative to each department involved in the process. Staff assigned to the departments must then devote part of their workdays to operating, evaluating, informing, and improving on processes outlined during the ISO 27001 standard.

Why a Partner Like Resolvit Can Streamline the Process

Resolvit thoroughly prepares and provides companies with the tools they need to become ISO 27001 certified. Our client leadership and delivery teams work with your company’s internal experts to create a tailored pre and post certification plan — complete with the resources and talent needed to pass the ISO certification audit. We understand the ISO 27001 process first-hand, and work collaboratively to save organizations time, reduce costs and ensure workforce productivity doesn’t miss a beat during the process.

Want to learn more about how the team at Resolvit can help your organization with its ISO 27001 certification? Contact us today.

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