IT Roundup 1: Cloud Migration, Strategic Staffing & Post-COVID Solutions

From strategic staffing to cloud migration, this month’s IT Roundup features a collection of articles designed to help companies extract added value from critical executive insights, digital initiatives, and new IT strategies – all while offering solutions to empower a modern workforce in a post-COVID world.

Helpnet Security – Alternatives to a lift-and-shift cloud migration strategy

With more workforces becoming increasingly distributed, companies are seeking new, more efficient ways to accommodate hybrid work environments using cloud-based technology. Imperva’s Dan Neault suggests the transfer of critical workloads to a predominately cloud-based environment offers more agility, benefits availability, imparts scalability, and provides greater innovation for those companies on the forefront of the digital shift.

Rather than optimize legacy systems, Neault suggests companies instead transfer them to the cloud with as few changes as possible using a “lift-and-shift approach” to cut down on database alterations or architectural revamps. However, because this is more of a short-term strategy, later issues that include critical security risks and difficulties with data analysis will ultimately prove costly. He instead offers alternatives to the lift-and-shift, including:

  • Replatforming
  • Refactoring
  • Repurchasing
  • Retiring
  • Retaining

Read Neault’s full article to learn more about these alternatives while exploring the intricacies of planning and executing a successful migration to the cloud.

Protocol – The Cloud isn’t just about Technology

In the age of the digital workforce, Digital Transformations are becoming increasingly more routine for businesses.  These typically include critical legacy system updates or even full transitions to more modern systems that better serve the business's needs; with some businesses opting to fully migrate to cloud-based infrastructure altogether. By migrating to a cloud server like AWS, modern businesses are afforded the ability to perform instant IT enterprise deployment, compute and assess analytics on a much broader scale, and even implement machine-learning AI to streamline many of their inundated protocols.

Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) says the cloud’s key differentiator is resource scalability. With a business’s growth comes the need for more computers – and using a cloud-based system allows businesses to quickly purchase or allocate the critical resources necessary to meet the demand for more data capacity or processing power. Speed also plays a role, as Selipsky states companies are increasingly looking to the cloud to help accelerate their processes, workflows, and innovations.

With data continuing to cement itself as both a chief commodity and a key variable that underlines a business's methodology, IT leaders will increasingly look to migrate to the cloud to better position their teams for success. Read Protocol’s full article to learn more about how a potential cloud migration can empower your business and see how AWS continues to build a more comprehensive and inclusive cloud environment for companies across the globe.

Resolvit - How Strategic Staffing Empowers Distributed Workforces

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the adoption of hybrid work environments has increased substantially – while imparting new challenges for businesses looking to source, train and connect new talent. With a new pool of global talent to recruit from and an uncapped opportunity for companies to expand across new regions, competition for skilled talent is at an all-time high; especially now that potential candidates are no longer forced to only leverage salary and benefit expectations exclusively for where they reside.

As a new-age solution, strategic staffing aids companies in strengthening, managing, and overcoming these new challenges. It also removes the burden of sourcing, vetting, and placing talent for growing companies, which allows executives to focus on business development and mission critical projects.

In addition to handling staffing concerns, strategic staffing helps companies strengthen their employee retention, all while expediting time-to-revenue. Read the full article to learn more about the benefits of utilizing strategic staffing services and how you can reduce the time, effort and costs associated with onboarding new talent.

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